Whiskers and walks

A newcomer Doggy goes out for a walk.
‘Feel awkward to walk and have no one to talk 
to, buddy, or partner, a chum, or a mate,
A pal, an amigo, would that not be great?
It’s Sunday, I’m roaming alone in this town.
If I had some friends, I would not feel so down.’

On Monday the Doggy encounters a Snake
who’s tired from sliding and having a break.
‘Please join me for strolls and for walks,’ Doggy begs.
‘Can’t walk, I am sorry, I haven’t got legs.’
‘But I have a trick that will keep us on track.
Please slide a bit upwards and sit on my back.’

On Tuesday the Doggy proceeds with its walk. 
With Snake on its back there is plenty to talk.
The two are good company. Dog’s joyous bark
and Snake’s happy hiss are a thrill in the park.
Together they cover a square and a street,
just looking around for more comrades to meet.

On Wednesday the couple runs into a Cat. 
The friends make a halt for a casual chat.
‘Dull Dog, Silly Snake,’ says the Cat with a shrug.
This high on its horse Cat is snooty and smug.
‘Please join us,’ begs Snake, ‘on our way to the pub.’
It took seven whiskeys ere Cat joined the club.

On Thursday the Trio continues their walk, 
Poor Pussycat pie-eyed, not much of a talk.
But previous company now is a crowd.
No wrong would have happened if Cat hadn’t meowed:
‘I’m hungry, I’m thirsty, I’m craving for food.
This walk is exhausting! I’m not in the mood.’

On Friday the Cat steals the show with a car.
The joyride that follows ends up in a bar.
While Cat’s getting loaded, the Dog has a tea.
Snake sneaks to the river, where water is free.
The Cat falls asleep and keeps snoring until
the barkeeper mutely presents them the bill.

No pounds in their pockets, no Saturday fun. 
No walking, no talking, there’s work to be done.
Snake slides in(to) a cloth and starts cleaning the floors
while Doggy is tail-wagging wiping the doors.
The Cat doesn’t join them, too good for a job.
But later gets scolded: ‘You hidious snob!’

The Cat gets upset and it knocks out the Snake.
The Dog yells: ‘Posh Cat, you just jump in a lake!’
On Sunday the Doggy takes care of Snake’s head,
Puts Snake on its back and walks off with soft tread.
I ever you walk on a footpath or track
look out for a Dog with a Snake on its back.

Tooske Hinloopen – October 2021

whiskers – snorharen
chum – vriend
roam – zwerven
encounter – ontmoeten
stroll – geslenter
on track – op het goede spoor
cover – afleggen
shrug – schouderophalend
high on it’s horse – hooghartig
snooty – hooghartig
smug – verwaand
pie-eyed – straalbezopen
crave for – snakken
loaded- stomdronken
sneak – sluipen
hidious – afschuwelijk
posh – chic
jump in a lake – hoepel op
tread – tred