Whisky Coke

return to the deep
a pal from so long ago
taste his splash of youth
scenes of hiss and blow

salty drops rinse your body
while sinking still in peace
hear solely your eager breath
bubbles climb eardrums squeeze

eternal fear has settled in
stretching years of various found
fighting currents with dear ones
logically standing their ground

unlike my very own kin
two youthful buddies day and night
dependent yet ever supportive
on this submerged one time flight

subtle sight communications
exchanging gestures less than five
we look each other in the eye
stay tranquil on this weightless jive

endless speckles of light and dark
always changing size with shape
a life beyond its halfway point
explore chosen artificial drape

colors turn softly now
wave breaking surface out of sight
the burning sun has finally let go
be my solemn liquid guide

welcome to the deep
merciless like Uriah Heep

Maarten Douwe Bredero